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In the past few weeks , note traders in the Saudi stock market a sudden rise in the value of daily trading levels were no more than five billion riyals per day to levels not less than 10 billion riyals per day , which indicates doubled turnover during the period of time very short

While everyone was wondering the reasons for this sudden rises ? And you were the result of internal factors or external factors ? And about the implications of these elevations that were positive or negative? For the internal factors , certainly that there is a relationship between the Declaration and the Ministry of Finance for its intention to sell shares NCB for public subscription and the sudden rise of the trading value on the grounds that the IPO will provide added value to the Saudi stock market in terms of the benefits expected to be achieved by the underwriters and in terms of the expected increase of the total market value and earnings statements for the market and the expected reduction of the valuation levels .

There are also other relationship between fears of exposure to real estate in the Kingdom for a price correction ( in light of the conviction of many price inflation ) and the sudden rise of the turnover on the grounds draws some capital into the stock market in search of new opportunities to realize gains.

And for external factors , since the beginning of 2014 occurred fundamental shifts in a number of emerging financial markets around the world , the beginning of the currency crisis of some emerging countries such as Argentina , Turkey, South Africa and passing through the crisis of the Ukrainian and then through fears of weak growth of the Chinese economy and finally fears correct some of the GCC stock markets which has recently seen heights fictional , all these transformations brought liquidity to the geographic areas emerging more stable and this has been confirmed by the reports published by major global financial institutions based on the rule of investment known as « capital coward » , and it seems to me that the Saudi stock market share of this liquidity in light of the allure of the rest of the emerging markets so far .

Regardless of the reasons for the sudden rise of the trading value and its source , is clear to us even now that there is pumping real new liquidity supported buying the stock steadily and confirms that the index has been registering new highs with recording new highs also in the values ​​of daily trades , and this certainly positive .

Here you should pay attention to the important point is that the new liquidity focused after the break through 9,000 points barrier , giving preliminary indications that this barrier will be strong support in the face of any profit-taking might be exposed to the market in the future , while the negative is « only » in the event of breaking 9,000 down with daily turnover exceeds 12 billion riyals per day.

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